Vanity Trail.

1. A picture of you in your room.

2. A picture of you posing with someone you don't actually like.

3. A picture with a former crush
4. A picture of you very drunk

5. A picture of you with a parent or two.

6. A picture of you on your birthday, or your favorite holiday.
7. The youngest picture you can find of yourself in digital form.

8. A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits.

9. A picture of you making a goofy face at the camera.

10. A picture you miiiiiight have edited to make yourself look better.

11. A picture of you and a team or club you're in.

12. A picture of a night you regret.

13. A picture of you showing off a new haircut (even if it's an old haircut now).

14. A picture of you truly being yourself.

15. The most recent picture of you.

16. A picture of you being absolutely ridiculous.

17. A picture of you with no makeup on.

18. A picture of a time in your life that's over but you wish it wasn't.

19. A picture of a time in your life that's over and you couldn't be more thankful that it is.

20. A picture with your oldest friend.

21. A picture with your newest friend

22. A picture of you when you were anything but happy, even if you were smiling and you did your best to hide it.

23. A picture of you you had no idea was being taken.

24. A picture of you when you were a different person than you are now.

25. A picture of you in a fashion "DON'T"

26. A picture of you in a swimsuit - whether you love it or loathe it.

27. A picture of you taking a shot/chugging a beer/dowing some sort of mixed drink
28. A picture of yourself that you hate

29. A picture of you with someone you love

30. A picture of how you'd like the world to see you.

31. A picture that describes how you'd like to spend every day.

32. A picture when everything was changing.

33. A picture that makes your heart hurt.

34. A picture that makes your heart smile

35. A picture of one of the best nights of your life (or day).


Shut up. The post-its are speaking.

I stumbled upon this on ffffound.com while passing the time at work.
The irony of this photograph is that i work in the building of which it was taken.

Art above is by Adam Ellison

Mean Reds v.s. Mellow Yellow

This is a post about feelings. 
Stupid stupid feelings.
I'm feeling yellow. 

Just feeling an emotion that can't find placement, but whatever it is, is not a positive one. 
(Because honestly, who loves the color yellow that much?)

Yellow is one color away from being 'red with anger' 
and an opposite color away from having 'the blues'

Truman Capote would call this feeling 'the mean reds'

I'm not feeling as elegant as Capotes Breakfast at Tiffanys character, today.
And so I'm just feeling real yellow....

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