Tits 'n Tanks for Tuesdays!

I don't feel very interesting, today. But it is tuesday and I've been wearing the same wife beater for several days now. 
Lets celebrate
Cheers, ladies!


Bitches, Bridges, and Bedrooms

Helen Levitt died at the age of 95, in her Manhattan apartment.

I remember how inspired and effected I was by this photo, as a little Little.

It was so timeless and reminded me of everything that I loved about New Yorkers and adolescence. It wasn't until much later, that I discovered the image was from 1939.

Her photos always gave me the sense of memorability, at first glance. Followed by effectiveness upon looking just a little bit further

100 years ago, today, the Queensborough Bridge was completed. Only killing 50 people, in the process!

The Queensborough Bridge is so commonly overlooked. I blame the Brooklyn Bridge, for this.

With 4 top lanes, and 5 bottom lanes, it really does an amazing job at commuting traffic into Midtown. Even in the worst of traffic, I don't think I've ever been on there for over 25 minutes.

The Bowery Boys did a pretty interesting little blog about the bridge today. Enjoy the fuck out of it!

At this turning point of my life, I am reminded of the memories of this bridge in my life, as stupid as it may sound. Its just a fucking bridge.

Finishing up my true New Yorker post, I feel pretty inspired by tiny pods!


Can it Absorb Your Blood?

My grandmother is a big supporter of buying things off of the television. 
So when she got too many ShamWows for one woman to handle, they got handed down to me.
I never once used them properly, or if i WAS using them properly, then that salesman was full of shit and his product was a Scam....Wow. (Ugh. i suck)

Fucking hilarity.

When i got my first kiss on the bus home from the fair, from Casey whateverhisnamewas, I freaked out and bit his tongue, too. He had just finished drinking a carton of milk. It was pretty gross. 

Luckily, this was not Caseys reaction. I guess that could also have to do with the fact that I only gave him a stack of Power Rangers cards and not sex.

The hooker looks so stoked!

Everyones a 'musician'. Even Voltron.

This unknowingly entertaining page has showed me that i really do have absolutely no rhythm, but that the Y, H, and the J keys are unbelievably satisfying.


Nectar and Napalm

I'm pretty bummed on life but sulking has never made anything better in 23 years, so I doubt it will start at this point in my life.
I may be a Clobot, but I'm still mainly human. Going through human emotions that I am learning that everyone seems to go through, as unbelievable as they feel. 

Yesterday I bought a hobo hat from Marc Jacobs. 
Just doing my part in  supporting my fellow New Yorks coke addicted fashion designers with AIDS.
This morning I drank far too much coffee and tea.

I still cry at night. I still am forcing an appetite upon myself  when I wake up. I'm still avoiding looking at photos of my past, so that I don't sulk over my ignorance and idiocy, through that period of life.

Something tells me that the snow is finally gone for good. This deserves a mix!
I'm drowning myself in work and friends and family and art and music and sushi.
I can't wait till I throughly enjoy these things, without wondering about things and people that I have no control over. 

I'm currently surviving off of cookies, caffeine, and real film. 
My digital camera is on vacation until I'M on vacation. 

9000 Graphic Heartbreak

A clever collection that combines 
  • Violent Femmes
  • Capote
  • math
  • science
  • logic
  • love
  • loss
  • the Olsen twins

You really ARE watching over me, Big Brother!

Guy Bourdin

  • Studying painting in his youth, makes the minimal composition of his photographs unique.
  • He did not collect his works or make any attempt to preserve them.
  • Bourdin wanted all of his work destroyed after his death, in 1991
  • Unfortunately for him, and fortunate for this post, the fact that he did not collect all of his work make it difficult to destroy, in the end.
  • Bourdin was a close friend of Man Ray, who wrote the introduction for the catalogue of his first show in the late 1950's.
  • Bourdin, along with Helmut Newton, is considered to be one of the most revolutionary fashion photographers of the second half of the 20th century.
  • I feel like Bourdin is the Ying to Helmut Newtons Yang. Although his work is much more saturated and action based, it is also obvious to see that he was much more morbid and serious than Newton
  • He worked with French Vouge for nearly 30 years, yet not much of his work was published.
  • He is well known for his timeless photographs advertising Charles Jourdans shoe collections in the 70's.

My Bourdin inspired photographs include these:


I'm pretty neat, goddammit.

Dear Chloe at 24, 
I'm not ready for you. I'm just not ready. 

And as my days continue  and increase speed, I'm clutching the broken emergency break.
In my mind, I'm still a bandit but in my heart I'm overturned. 

Just give me some more time to figure this out. 

I've been living a life that I'm not quite sure I ment to lead in the exact way I did. 
I lived it like a easy job with good health insurance, after scrubbing jizz booths for a living.
but today I quit, and with the knowledge I've worked so hard for, I cant ever go back to bleaching cum.

Now I'm just another unemployed american who is wondering where her childlike dreams of a semi perfect life have gone and if its embarrassing to go back to the abandoned job just to say 'hi'.

If I did everything to the best of my ability, and learned enough to FEEL like i deserve what i wanted, then why am i here? More knowledge and less power. 
I know that I have more to learn. I know that I need to learn more about adaptation and comfort within it. I know that I'm too young and stubborn to just stop ignoring it, and that I need to get it before I can have what I thought I had. 

This story better have a great ending, because its starting to feel like I'm sitting through The Wrestler, again.  
I'll be here in...well I don't need to pick a state for you to find me in...but where I am, i'll be waiting for a celebration of life. full of little puppies that i can freely love forever because a piece of paper will say that its mine, and dances to Squeeze from Ellen DeGeneres, and bacon topped cupcakes, and long drives filled with bad traffic and good music,  and maybe even love. 
The really real kind with stuttering words and nervous laughs and respect because thats what you feel when you love. From day one until day 1,950 (since I can't imagine letting this happen till im at least 30 years old an cant imagine living long after 60, I would love a good 30 years)

Until then, all I can do is look for the light at the end of this tunnel, that i thought i was out of.

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