Erik Satie

I was reading about Erik Satie today, since I'm at work and can't listen it....There is so many interisting points to be made about this man and what made him unique and beautiful, but I'll just jot some notes, for now.

  • Responding to complaints that his music lacked form, in 1903 Satie composed the witty Three Pieces in the Form of a Pear. Man Ray, who was a friend of Saties, memorialized the occasion in his 1969 drawing Satie's Pear.

  • French painter, Suzanne Valadon was the only woman with whom Satie had a known love affair. After she left him for another man, Satie remarked, with Olympian detachment, " I am a man whom women do not understand."

  • Satie played cabaret piano at the famous club Le Chat Noir.'

  • As a hobby, in a filing cabinet he maintained a collection of imaginary buildings, which he drew on little cards.  He would publish anonymous small announcements in local journals, offering some of these buildings for sale or rent.

  • He considered himself someone who measures and writes down sounds, and not a musician. I feel by thinking of him as a phonometrician, makes the statements of his pieces being 'clumsy' by the french contemporary community, into a unique and beautiful statement. 

Well, thats all I have time to post. I will however link you to some clips of music you can hear of his. 

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