Ocean creatures and some spare change

I found a fantastic series of photos by Sawatari Hajime on a blog, today.
Sawatari Hajime is a Japanese photographer who used to do a lot of fashion photography, but than realized that he only really cared about nude women...and so now thats all he shoots. 
It goes to show that if you have a passion, and are good at what you do, the results can be lovely. No matter what.

I found this to be entertaining, for my 30 second attention span, today. 

Life is full of too many coincidental events of negativity, recently. 
Its freakin' my trip. 
Blowin' my mind grapes.
I feel like im swimming from this, since yesterday.

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Pacing the Panic Room said...

that last picture up there of the shark. Sometimes that's what I think I look like to other people when I eat a big mouth hamburger.

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