Thanksgiving Recap. lite.

Best ALBUMS (not songs from them) listened to on a lonely 4 hour ride:

Best Black Friday Purchases':

My 30 dollar 'get everything out of the store cause we've been bankrupt' bedseets

And the two disk version on Disneys Peter Pan on DVD

Its late, I'm tired, and so this  beautiful photo of Miles Davis is freakin' my trip.
And if there is an opposing emotion to the way that Miles Davis is making me feel, it is being induced through this photo.
Ew. Fucking Cute.


diana said...

things i forgot to mention:
1. in mexico it's possible to procure most forms of pharmaceuticals.
2. i'm sorry i left such a god damn long comment last time
3. i have a different blog where i actually write about the shit that's not so, um - giddy? - all the time: http://buoy.typepad.com
(sorry... i'm too tired to put that in link form.)

Pacing the Panic Room said...

I can't believe you went shopping on Black Friday. No food pictures? food comas? pictures from the bus? I know I am demanding.

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