Dan McCarthy

I just bought this 25x19 print by Dan McCarthy, for my house today. 

I just spent about an hour looking through all of his prints. Aside from being visually stunning, his creations are rhetorically steeped in messages that deal with life, death, love and naturalism.

Many of his paintings follow a similar theme to the example to the right. McCarthy likes to highlight the ways in which the dead and alive, the past and the present interact. One painting shows rabbits eating strawberries off a plant whose roots are firmly rooted in a human skeleton underground. Another shows the ghost of a dinosaur creeping up on the ghost of a human.

McCarthy's paintings are not just aesthetically pleasing. I find that most people who take even just a minute to look through some of his work generally find something worth responding to. His paintings carry emotional impact and seem to say things about the world that are truer than words can often express.

If i had the extra money, i probably would have gotten this one too...

I wish there was a way to show the detail of this one. Its a wood block painted over with black. 

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diana said...

thanks to this post, i've become obsessed with this guy.
i actually bought t-shirts for my brother and my best friend, because i was bummed out that i couldn't order the prints that i liked the most.

it's also gotten me back into screen printing.
this might be the best part.
i missed doin it.

thank you.

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