Some Facts about Eartha. (1927-2008)

  • She replaced Julie Numar as Catwoman
  • Original singer of the song Santa Baby
  • Died on Christmas, in New York
  • Played a fantastic role in the movie based around blues composer W.C. Handy, called St. Louis Blues.
  • Played in  San Quintin in 1982
  • Did a voice over in my newer enjoyed cartoon My Life As a Teenage Robot
  • She was a baby of rape
  • Shortly after leaving RCA the CIA portraid her as a nymphomaniac, forcing her to move to europe for work.
  • Went through some weird phase where she did musicals to appeal to the gay community, which adored her.
  • When she was 77, her SUV rolled over with her and her two toy poodles in it.

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