Sickness and Lack of Sleep Causes Vanity.

my phone told me I have 23 new emails.
I get anxious about emails And feel like if i don't read them, people can't be offended by my delayed responses...Is this odd?
I try to justify reasons to not check it as often as possible. 
my excuse from Thursday-Saturday is that 'its my weekend' 
People justify not checking their emails on the weekends...right?

Instead of 
  • checking my email
  • remembering to take my vitamins 
  • cleaning up the messes I have made

I layed around and 
  • made Valentines Day Mixes 
  • played with photobooth 
  • and photoshop. 

The sun is about to come up, and although I dont FEEL sick, I do sound like Harvey Fierstein which means the slights wrong move could kill the progress my immunities are making.
I hope that being awake at this hour doesn't count....

Here I am on Sesame Street:

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Post To The President said...

I check my email every 5 seconds... because you never know when someone is going to offer you a really kick ass job.

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