Can it Absorb Your Blood?

My grandmother is a big supporter of buying things off of the television. 
So when she got too many ShamWows for one woman to handle, they got handed down to me.
I never once used them properly, or if i WAS using them properly, then that salesman was full of shit and his product was a Scam....Wow. (Ugh. i suck)

Fucking hilarity.

When i got my first kiss on the bus home from the fair, from Casey whateverhisnamewas, I freaked out and bit his tongue, too. He had just finished drinking a carton of milk. It was pretty gross. 

Luckily, this was not Caseys reaction. I guess that could also have to do with the fact that I only gave him a stack of Power Rangers cards and not sex.

The hooker looks so stoked!


e said...

she does look a little stoked. haha.

Adam Wallace said...

with his new lisp its the ThamWow

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