1. I woke up this morning in my bare room
  2. Pet my dog
  3. Put my french press to use.
  4. Googled 'wallpaper bedroom', in hopes of inspiring my bare bedroom, into becoming a bedroom filled with creative wallpapers, vintage dressers, modern light fixtures, and maybe even a bed that doesn't have to inflate with the turn of a nob. Although, I'm fine with the bed ever since I began to think of it as a waterbed filled with air. Sometimes I think I'm even more pleased with my aerobed, when I think of it like that. Sometimes, i remember that my imagination is still in fantastic shape for my age.
Today is pleasant, and i want to show the simple things that have made it what it is. Every day has its refreshing moment, especially when well documented. Everyday involves learning or finding something new. Its your choice to retain it or not. Unfortunately for me my short term memory has turned into the equivalence of a Hungarian stew, so unless I write a thought or action down immediately or take a photo of it, its gone.

I am a photographer and not a writer. I don't know what I would do without dictionary.com along side a camera of some type at all times. I don't know how to make a blog work because im so intimidated by the thought of writing. Luckily i have recently become inspired by silly, positive, time consuming blogs. Mainly
 ones that pertain to DIY home decorating, personal views on music, motherfucking cupcakes, and of course inspiring photography.
Simple and cleanly presented blogs have recently been a pat on my back and a kick in my ass. I can do this too, ya' know.

I told my idea of making a blog to my best friend, who knows all about my slight OCD and need for visual perfection. He encouraged me to name it 
OCDaily: Oh Chloe Daily.

p.s. I know that what i do with this blog, will eventually be completely irrelevant when we are sucked into a black hole created by the atom smashing Large Hadron Collider. I worry about both this and what to eat for breakfast, daily.

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