New York Pavilion, a Possible landmark

Photos I took of the New York Pavilion in 2007

The ruins that were once Philip Johnsons New York Pavilion used for the 1964-65 Worlds Fair, is working toward official landmark status! 

Ever since i was a tot, who would drive past the sad and erie looking Flushing Meadows Park on my way from the airport, I have occasionally felt like the only New Yorker concerned that a time will come where they just demolish the park completely. 
Hopefully my worries will be beamed up in a space pod and never have to return. Then perhaps a day will come where I will be crazed enough with joy and poverty, to walk along the side of the BQE with no shoes, disheveled hair, a tie-dyed shirt with spray painted wolves on the front, smelling like the griddle of a Wendys fast food restaurant and I will be able to say
"You may have taken the Yankee Stadium, Coney Island, the Domino Sugar Factory, AND the YMCA building i loved on 53rd street, but you will never take the rotting remains that keep Queens interesting!!"
And i do hope that the intentions are to keep it as remains and not the next hip outdoor movie theater to play a bundle of movies featuring Molly Ringwald, for the hip kids in the summertime.  
I hope they do this for the respects of its architect, Philip Johnson, who had a well known passion for architectural ruins. And who wrote about how pleased he was with the decay of the pavilion in the forward to his book, The Architecture Of Philip Johnson.
In 2001, an organization was formed in hopes of turning the remains into an Air and Space Museum. But in the end it didn't work out.

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