Acid Tigers Cigar Diet Review.

For a band that may have started as a fun way for friends to be able to share a common dedication, it has done so since the very first riff I heard, and when I first heard it put along side drums, my mind was blown. 

I felt like I was re listening to classic music that i used to love before it was ruined by musicians finding a single catchy beat or melody and milking it for an entire 4 minute song. Or by music that had an almost pretentious amount of mathematical involvement, making it intricate to enjoy the talent that goes into making  it without causing a headache 5 songs/ 3.5 minutes into the album.
But even now, I don't know how to say what Acid Tiger reminds me of. What is it that I am re listening to for the first time?

Is it coming from my love for Black Sabbath and the stoner metal that followed in its footsteps, like Sleep?  
My dedication to listening to shitty punk music like S.O.D. and Bad Brains because i can hear the hyper emotion and synchronicity within the anger, chaos, and bad drumming?
Or from my time of listening to real deep soul music from the south, like Robert Johnson or Skip James, and really understanding how rich the simplicity in it is?
All of these comparisons makes Acid Tiger sound like a dirty angry spastic slow metal band with roots that stem back to the devil worshiping south. 
Which is true, to an extent.
And in a positive light. 

That real twist in this bands music that makes them more creative and original than that, may have to do with their most mutual inspiration, a little bit.
All four members have declared without any knowledge of each others answer, that Led Zeppelin was their all time favorite band, if it came down to it. The parts I find similar in both Zeppelin and Acid Tiger, if their ability to make every song into an epic adventure. 
Being able to do what bands will almost never challenge themselves to do, and those who have typically failing or keeping it to subtle to let the listener be effected by the transition or unusual sound.

Acid Tiger stands out from the crowd of American bands that you want to raise your fist to, because of their ability to start out a song unlike any other song they have, and mid way through they completely switch it up into a different type of song while keeping the roots grounded. Something I haven't heard done so well since the Refused came out with The Shape of Punk to Come.

Acid Tigers natural chemistry has made this constant drastic change within a single song, seem to flow so naturally within a sea of abruption that has made me drool and laugh unconsciously because it summons an emotion that i wasn't aware i had in me. Much like Zeppelin. This is a quality they have had since they came together, playing their music as raw as a band starting out should. 
But now the full length has been made. Extra little things have been added to take the music from a live band with a brutal set, into an extraordinary mastery of musicianship and creativity though buffering the fine details and adding elements that make getting a blow job into getting a blow job while having your balls fondled lightly

I took the photos below of Acid Tiger during their first show It was New Years 2008. Not even a year has passed, but a lot has happened for all of the people involved. I'm so happy for them to have made it so far with so much dedication, since these photos at some shitty bar in Brooklyn.

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Pacing the Panic Room said...

like getting a blow job while having your balls fondled lightly? Really? You have a future in music reviews with this one.

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