This Is England

I was recommended a Shane Meadows movie that ended up being a visual pleasure, and a roller coaster of heavy emotion. 
This is England, is a movie made with every aspect of it being brilliantly thought out. It was well paced, visually mind blowing, with close attention paid to the inflections and style of each character. 

It dealt with the culture of Skinheads ad the violent turn they took as a community, in the early 80's. It showed the divide from the origin of how skinheads came to be. 
From a non violent crew of people who were able to understand each others differences while not feeling the need to accept them, to the more aggressive side of the culture and how it came to be that way due to emphasis on the change of the land through (what some found to be) the Falklands War which was thought to be an unmeaningful war to many skins, alongside racism towards whoever could have their finger pointed at for being part of the issue. The National  Fronts effort to keep out immigration and the keep England English, played a large role in this film, as well.

The main character was a kid who was introduced the skins after being picked on in school and loosing his father to the war. All actors in the film did a phenomenal job, but this boy stood out particularly. His real name is Thomas Turgoose. Previous to this movie, he never acted and while on set, was showed manners and how to be more respectful and responsible by the people working along side him....on set. 
This was all part of an interesting article that i just read about him.

Signing off with a photo by Iain Mckell, that is not related to the movie

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Jasminexxx said...

I own this movie, it is great!

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